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Anxiety, which is often described as feeling of unease or dread, is totally normal, in fact it can be quite a good warning system to remind us to be careful. For example, when we go on a rollercoaster, all of our senses are telling us we're in danger, and that we should move to a safer space, but a rollercoaster ride is usually fun, and this anxiety is appeased by the knowledge of our safety. However, that feeling of dread and unease can overwhelm our day to day lives when we change our behaviour to avoid the anxious feeling.

Often this can lead to a life that shrinks inwards, where we avoid people, places or experiences because that uneasy feeling becomes a constant leash under which our choices are restrained.

If you or a loved one are experiencing these emotions and you feel your life is negatively affected, then please contact me to arrange a call.

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