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If a deep loss has been experienced then it needs to be processed. Many people do this without the need of professional help. However, if if it isn’t processed, then it festers. It will come out in some way but sadly the longer it remains  ‘pushed down’, the method of its resurgence may not seem to be related but it will re-emerge in any number of ways: physical sickness, mental health problems, spirals of bad choices or risky behaviour,  relationship crises. All of which are normal, short term responses to grief and loss, but they become more complex as time goes by and then the consequences can be devastating - break ups, break downs, inability to hold down a job, financial debt, homelessness. All these things are tragedies in their own right, but may have been treated in isolation by professionals later in life, without unravelling the link to unresolved loss from earlier on.

(Lindsey Lucas)

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